Professional Scrum Training and Team Development

I believe that effective team dynamics are the cornerstone of organizational success. I nurture purposeful collaboration within teams, placing a strong emphasis on developing and enhancing team relationships and dynamics.

I believe that Scrum has the power to transform team interactions and generate valuable outcomes. I ensure that my students grasp not just the mechanics of Scrum but its potential to create a more collaborative and effective work environment.

I believe that the best learning comes from a blend of theory and practice. I ground my training in real-world experience and applications.

My ultimate goal is to equip students with the tools necessary for sustainable, impactful change, fostering an environment where they can do their best work, together.

Professional Scrum Training

Good Scrum practices don’t happen by accident. I have over fifteen years of experience implementing and driving successful Scrum Teams, and I deliver training backed by real-world experience.

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I also offer private classes for your organization:

Professional Scrum Master
Professional Scrum Product Owner
Professional Scrum Facilitation Skills
Applying Professional Scrum

Team Development

They call interpersonal relationships “soft skills,” but building and sustaining dynamic, productive teams is hard work! My extensive experience leading teams has given me deep insight into strategies for building health, productive teams.


Building Conflict Competence
Techniques for Constructive Feedback